I'm currently looking for internships or part time gigs, feel free to reach out viaemail orlinkedin if you have or know of any opportunities available!


Hi my name is Evan Nishi, a self taught programmer, community leader, and avid learner. I have demonstrated a strong work ethic, a passion for learning, high adaptability, a knack for problem solving, and accountability while on projects. I mainly do web development, but also some machine learning on the side. If you want to see some of my projects, feel free to look on myGithub.


  • Las Lomas High School
  • Student, 2018-2022
    Currently a student at Las Lomas High School

  • Diablo Valley College
  • Student, 2019-2022
    Currently enrolled in Diablo Valley College and working towards my AA degree in computer science.

  • TrantonLLC
  • Contract backend web developer, 01/2020-02/2020
    Was a paid contract developer for TrantonLLC. Worked mainly with discord.js, AWS EC2, and express.


I love learning new technologies, along with the following tools. I am also experienced with linux, scrum, git, mongodb administration, and bash scripting.


I am familiar with syntax and structure of javascript programs, as well as Object Oriented concepts and modules. I am also familiar with sending and receiving requests, CRUD operations with noSQL databases, dynamic websites with react, and asynchronous programming.

Accompanying tools:

  • Express
  • Mongoose/Mongo
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • React.js


I am familiar with syntax and structure of python, as well as Object Oriented concepts and modules. I also am familiar with the usage of virtual environments with pip packages. I also have some understanding of data science and machine learning concepts and have taken basic data science COMSC-120ds at DVC.

Accompanying tools:

  • OpenCV
  • Pandas
  • Poetry
  • Pipenv
  • Pyquil
  • Sqlite
  • Tensorflow


I took APCS A and COMSC 255, which taught Java gui programming, control flow, and OOP. I also learned web development and routing with Spring Boot, as well as familiarized myself with build tools such as Gradle and Maven.

Accompanying tools:

  • Gradle
  • Maven
  • Spring Boot


I took COMSC 110, COMSC 165, COMSC 200 and COMSC 210 at DVC and covered C++ fundamentals, data structures, and best practices. I also used C++ in VEX robotics, mainly working with littlevgl graphics library for the UI of our controller.


I know how to style and make responsive static websites with HTML and CSS.