About me

Hi, my name is Evan and I am a student at San Jose State University studying software engineering. I started self teaching myself programming in early 2019, and was fascinated with the idea of being able to create whatever I wanted, and learn how to do so off of the internet. I started off with python, and basic web development, but things really changed when I attended Hack Merced. After I saw the amazing hacker community, I devoted more and more of my time to coding. I eventually started organizing events, and hosting workshops. After Los Altos Hacks, I also got involved with Hack Club, and have been an active member of the community.


Some of my most defining and impactful work is organizing events to educate others about computer science. I always organize events with the "Hackers First" mentality, meaning attendees experience is the most important. I also love meeting new people and sharpening my skills at hackathons and other similar events.

Events I've attended:

  • Hack Merced IV, attendee, won beginner prize
  • Los Altos Hacks, attendee, won best android app
  • LingHacks 2019, attendee
  • Launch Hacks 2019, attendee
  • Hack Club Flagship summit, attendee
  • Hack Club Leaders week summit, attendee
  • Github secure development spotlight, invitee
  • UC Berkeley aging research and technology summit, attendee
  • Hack Merced V, attendee, won best use of mongodb and 1st moonshot prize

Events I've organized/mentored:

  • CDBA Spring 2019, outreach organizer
  • AngelHacks, advisor/workshop leader
  • CDBA Fall 2019, sponsorships organizer
  • Atoms&Bits, advisor/workshop leader
  • Hack The New Year, mentor
  • CDBA Winter 2020, sponsorships organizer


  • CTFs
  • I regularly compete in CTFs for fun. I usually do crypto, web, or sten.

  • Digital Design
  • I've recently gotten into digitial design as a hobby. I usually do small projects in figma and sometimes photoshop.

  • Electronics
  • I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to circuitry, even though I can use a bit of saftey lessons. I've attemped some teardowns, salvaging and repairs with devices, as well as made a couple of small circuts.

  • Rocketry
  • I used to launch model rockets in my free time and was on a TARC team for a season.

  • Robotics
  • I am on a VEX robotics team and love to tinker with robotics.

Tooling preferences

Here are the tools I use to do my daily work and school. These include hardware, software, and everything in between.


Here are some of the software programs I use for projects and competitions.


  • IntelliJ
  • Vim
  • VScode

Operating Systems

  • Fedora
  • Manjaro
  • Ubuntu

Cybersecurity Tools

  • Binwalk
  • Burpsuite
  • Dirb
  • Ghidra
  • Wireshark


  • Gitkraken
  • Git CLI
  • Slack
  • Zoom